April 4-8

Monday: We went over the video below to review everything we’ve learned about sonnets.  We also viewed a section of a Ted Talk on how iambic pentameter is used in music today.  The students have an opportunity for extra credit by identifying iambic pentameter in song lyrics of their choice.  This will be due Friday.  For the rest of the day, we reviewed our spelling list for the week and spent our last days working in small groups to write our sonnet.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday (list 18: #1-10) and extra credit is due Friday.  Students need to print their query letters by the end of the quarter if that’s missing.

Tuesday: We watched two poetry presentations and noticed how different it is to watch poetry being performed than to read it.  We met in groups to warm up our bodies and voices, we chose a poem to perform, and we practiced our performance.  Each group was given a chart to think through their performance (what they’ll do for intonation, gestures, etc) and that is due tomorrow when they present.

Homework: Presentations and presentation packets are due tomorrow

Wednesday: We performed our poetry (the groups did amazing!), and we started poetry stations.  Students were put into groups of 2-3 and will be working on these stations for a few days.

Thursday: We warmed up with comma practice and then moved into stations.  Students should be finished with the world’s longest poem station, the Jabberwocky, and a stream of consciousness poem.

Homework: Spelling test is tomorrow.  Make sure everything is in for the end of the quarter tomorrow.  Check Engrade at home if needed


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