April 4-8

Monday: This morning we talked through our baptism reflections.  If this hasn’t been filled out, it needs to be turned in tomorrow.  In language arts, we wrote down points that will be on tomorrow’s poetry exam.  We practiced finding elements that will show up on the test, like figurative language and rhyme scheme.  In the afternoon, we worked on our new spelling list, made sure we finished all the poetry stations, and we went over the poetry study guide.  Our last Greek column group presented, we read to the end of the chapter, and we started research for a biome project.  I had the students each draw an animal cookie to determine what type of biome they’ll have.  We did research in the computer lab today, and we will start the project tomorrow.  We’ll be making a tunnel book with a haiku poem (a great connection between Heritage and language arts!).  Here is what they’ll look like:

Homework: Poetry stations and study guide are due tomorrow.  Spelling list is 12: #11-20 (homework is due Thurs)

Thursday: This morning we read about the temptation of Jesus and started working on a worksheet to go along with it.  We also completed an adverb practice and continued to read and work on a packet for the Bronze Bow.  We are starting this new unit to coincide with our upcoming unit on Rome.  The story is a Biblically-based historical fiction that I hope we really enjoy!  We also spent a little time working and getting caught up during grammar mini for the end of the quarter tomorrow.  We worked more on our biome projects and Heritage study guides.  Students who finished the guides early studied with a partner.  The exam will be tomorrow.

Homework: Study guides are due tomorrow after the exam

Congratulations to one of our own for making it in the Sunday paper!  The 5th graders submitted their Create-An-Ad project a few weeks ago and the results are in.



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