March 29- April 1

Monday: No School (Happy Easter Break!)

Tuesday: This morning we filled out a worksheet review of Jesus’ birth and childhood.  During language arts we worked on prepositional phrases and started poetry stations.  We will be working on these stations this week and compiling our best work for poetry books.  In grammar mini we worked on thinking through synonyms for “said” that would be more descriptive.  Students used thesauruses and their noggins and came up with some wonderfully descriptive words!  In Heritage we worked on John 3:16 in Ancient Greek.  We wrote down the verse in Greek and translated it.  We also read about education and drama in Greece and read pages 214-217.  Lastly, we read 142-145 in the new unit on biomes.  We used the Greek practice of democratic voting and decided to work in partner groups to read and talk about 2 things we learned about tundra and two things we learned about coniferous forests.

Wednesday: Today’s chapel speaker gave a salvation message.  She talked about how we don’t need to change anything before accepting God’s gift of salvation.  In language arts, we played a preposition game called “Clumsy Clem” and were reminded that prepositions are anywhere a squirrel can go (we also noticed that sometimes prepositions show time like during and after, but don’t forget that oddball preposition with!).  We completed two more poetry stations and shared with our groups.  During grammar mini, we started a grammar menu project.  We extended this project into science while still finishing the board.  Lastly, we read pages 221-222 in our Heritage textbooks and looked at Greek architecture.  We started planning for a project where we’ll be building Greek columns that need to support a textbook.  We’ll work on this tomorrow.

NOTE: Our class will be judged first for science fair.  Each student will be asked questions by the judges starting at 4 pm.  This should take about an hour.  If students want to be picked up around 5 and not stay the whole time, that would be fine.  After all the judging, there will be a time where families can view the project so you can either stay for that or go after being judged. 

Thursday: This morning we talked about baptism.  We will be filling out a reflection on either our memory of our baptism or our thoughts about whether we’d like to be baptized in the future.  Students have a few days to think about it, ask families about their views, and write their reflections.  During language arts, we finished the last of our poetry stations, updated our log books, and made sure we were ready for science fair by having a completed research paper.  In the afternoon, we practiced for science fair to prepare for questions the judges might ask and tested our Greek columns.  Everyone did wonderfully on being judged!  Great job 5th and 6th graders on making it through science fair!

Friday: In the morning, we read about the history of John the Baptist and his background recorded in Matthew and Luke.  What an interesting man!  During language arts, we looked over our judging sheets (these can go home now), we had reading buddies, and we chose a poem that we’d like to publish in a class book.  In the afternoon, we watched a Bill Nye video on climate (noting how climate is affected by mountains, oceans, and how directly the sun hits a particular latitude).  We read the rest of the biome unit; this is mostly information that we’ve learned in previous years, but we read through the unit to review.  Finally, we made sure we recorded and measured everything we needed for our Greek column project.

Homework: Baptism sheet is due on Monday


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