March 29- April 1

Monday: No School

Tuesday: This morning we took a quiz on vocab words we covered last week and corrected it in class.  We went over our new spelling list (correspondence, controversy, nonprofit, noncommittal, noncontagious, fatuous, jejune).  We will only have 7 words this week as it is a shorter week.  The last thing we did today was go to the computer lab to work on query letters and submissions for the children’s books we wrote recently.  We’ve talked through the process of getting published and now we are learning the steps to become a published author.  I think it’s important to demystify the publishing process (it’s really not that hard!).  Students need to print off one query letter and turn in their children’s book with illustrations by Friday of this week.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  Query letter is due by Friday, April 1st

Wednesday: We examined what makes a sonnet.  We took some notes as a class looking for iambic pentameter and rhyme scheme.  The students made notes on two sonnets (identifying meter, line, rhyme scheme, quatrains, and couplets).  They also chose one poem to annotate.

Homework: Today’s annotations and notes are due tomorrow with spelling homework

Thursday: We listened to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 and examined its meaning.  We looked went through a packet and worked through a visualization activity.  In the second half of class, we met in groups to start working on writing a sonnet.  Each student was given a sheet of examples of stressed and unstressed words with different syllables.  They should use that sheet to help them write their sonnet in the correct iambic pentameter.

Friday: We took a spelling test and were quizzed on the definition of a sonnet.  Students met in their groups to continue working on their sonnets.  Most students remarked about the difficulty of sonnet writing, and I hope we learn to appreciate the work that goes into writing this type of poetry.  Shakespeare was incredibly talented


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