March 21-24

Monday: This morning we read page 89 in our Bible textbook about education in Jesus’ time.  We also read the section in the Bible about Jesus’ visit to the temple and completed a worksheet.  One question that came up in our discussion is why Jesus’ parents didn’t know he was lost right away.  According to Bible Gateway’s commentary, the trip to Jerusalem was an annual event for Jesus’ family.  Only the men were required to make the pilgrimage, so Mary comes shows her dedication to her faith.  Since Jerusalem is 80 miles from Nazareth, it would have been a 3 day journey.  Possible answers for why his parents didn’t notice he was gone is that they assumed he was with friends/relatives.  Some also suggest that the children traveled separately from the men.   This morning we took notes on mood, tone, and personification.  The students chose a tone and wrote a short stanza in that tone for a friend to identify.  We have wonderfully creative students, and I hope they share these poems at home!  We also worked more in-depth on personification with a partner activity and an individual analysis of a couple poems with personification.  This afternoon, the students started putting together a short lesson on complex, compound, and simple sentences.  They will share these lessons with the rest of the class this week.  We also finished reading through the weather unit.  This is a challenging unit that’s been interrupted with science fair.  I encourage students to be skimming through the unit on their own to do well on the upcoming exam.  Finally, we compared and contrasted the Persian Wars with the Peloponnesian War.


Homework: No spelling this week, personification worksheet is due on Wed., Science exam will be Thursday of this week


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