March 7-11

Monday: This morning we started a kindness week in Bible class.  Each student drew a name of someone in the class to bless this week.  They don’t have to buy anything, but I would like them to show acts of kindness in their speech, serving others, and praying for that classmate.  My hope for our class is that we’ll slowly shift our focus to others and grow in self-awareness.  During language arts, we started a new unit on poetry.  We filled out an anticipation guide, wrote a bio poem, and talked through the characteristics of poetry.  In the afternoon, we started another new unit on ancient Greece with an introductory poem “To Helen” by Edgar Allan Poe.  We also read in our textbook describing the geography of Greece and filled out wb page 115 section B.  Finally, we watched a Bill Nye video on the atmosphere and filled out new learnings.

Homework: Bio Poem is due tomorrow, spelling homework Thursday 

Tuesday: We viewed a slideshow on Kindness to give some concrete examples of how to show kindness this week.  We also filled out a quiz on how much we knew about the Christmas story.  There were some surprises in there (like the number of wise men).  In the morning we also looked at the parts of a poem and had some time to free read poetry.  In the afternoon, we learned five new vocab words and wrote a story using the words.  We also did some reading, workbook pages in science and in Heritage.

Wednesday: This morning our chapel speaker spoke to us about the helmet of salvation and how it’s something we don’t have to earn but receive.  In language arts, we paused our poetry unit to participate in the Create-An-Ad contest.  We are working on advertisements for local businesses that may show up in Bemidji’s Pioneer.  During grammar mini, we took notes on subordination conjunctions.  We will take a quiz on them next grammar Wednesday.  Next we viewed a PowerPoint on the Trojan War and took notes.  We finished the day with reading about clouds and precipitation.  I hope we can finish this unit with an appreciation of the beauty of God’s creation and how AMAZING it is!  Check out these snowflakes and upward lightning

Thursday: Click here for Spanish lessons

Here are the requirements for the cloud project: Go into PowerPoint.  You will need a definition of your cloud type, a description of what it looks like and it’s general altitude, any interesting facts you can find on your cloud type, five photo slides, and one video.

snowflake 1 snowflake 2 snowflake


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