February 22-26

Monday: In Bible, we went read on page 65 of our student textbooks, “The Gospel of John.”  Then we examined seven “I am” statements used in the book of John.  We will continue this tomorrow.  In language arts, we started looking at techniques used in propaganda.  We went over new terms.  You can view that here: Propaganda Terms by Julie Faulkner We continued this into science and completed a matching activity.  During grammar mini, we practiced our new spelling words from list 11:#21-30.  We also started a Ming vase art project to conclude our study of ancient China.

Homework: Final research paper is due Monday, February 29.  We have one more library day to bring home papers on a flashdrive or make edits in class.  Spelling homework is due Thursday.  Please remember to bring permission slips for the field trip.  We are still looking for drivers. 

Tuesday:  In the morning we continued to work on the “I Am” sheet in Bible to examine John’s statements about Jesus.  For language arts, we went through a PowerPoint on logical fallacies.  You can review that here: Logical Fallacies by Julie Faulkner In the afternoon, we played a matching game to review.  We finished with working on our boats and Ming vases.  We viewed a slideshare on the vases: Slideshare.

Homework: “I Am” worksheet due tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about Camp Oak Hills and the shield of faith.  This morning we read an article on how women are better students than men.  We examined it for logical fallacies and then worked on study sheets for a quiz on the propaganda and logical fallacies terms.  In the afternoon, we did a worksheet on complex sentences.  We also filled out a study guide for Heritage on ancient China and worked on our science fair boats.  We have one more day to get them ready!

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, complex sentence worksheets from today are due tomorrow, and we will be having a test on ancient China on Monday, Feb. 29

Friday: This morning we took a pop quiz in Bible on the gospels.


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