Feb 16-19


In Bible, we started learning about the history of John Mark and his gospel.  We learned that he wrote the book to the Gentiles and had a bit of a disagreement with Paul.

Internet Language Arts activity- Click here to go to the article “The Art of Dissent” that starts on pages 8-9.  You will need to zoom in to better read the article.

Questions to Answer: Write a critique of a poster from the article in complete sentences.  What methods did the artist use to get across their point of view (make about the poster shows that it isn’t in favor of the subject matter)?  How effective is the poster and why?  Is there anything that would make it more memorable to you?  

Should all protest art be protected under the First Amendment (freedom of speech), even if some find it offensive? If not, where should the line be drawn? 

When you are finished answering the questions on a separate piece of paper, read “The ‘Nazi Olympics'” that starts on page 16.

Question to Answer: How did the German government use the Games as propaganda? What was Hitler trying to convey to the rest of the world? How successful was he?

Lastly, answer the questions on the quiz (you can use the article) and analyze the photograph.

In the afternoon, we read an article on acupuncture, wrote our opinion about it, and viewed a short clip of it being performed.  Later we created a booklet on the layers of the atmosphere.

Homework: The Gospel of Mark worksheet is due Thursday,  no spelling test this week


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