January 11-15

Wow!  It’s already Thursday, and I have not gotten around to updating the site.  Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been doing: it’s Spiritual Emphasis Week.  We’ve had chapel every day to hear about different missionaries’ experiences. It’s been such an inspiring week so far!  For academics, we’ve been learning about parts of a sentence in language arts.  We’re in a concentrated grammar unit to gear up for writing a research paper for science fair.  We’ve gotten to the end of both units in science and Heritage.  We will have an exam on energy and heat tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 15).  We will have the Heritage exam on Tuesday, Jan. 19th.


Jan. 29th is the end of the quarter.

Feb. 12th is the spelling bee

Thursday: This morning we had someone come from Hands of Action International to speak about her time in Uganda.  The students enjoyed learning about life for kids in Africa.  For language arts, we talked about run-on sentences and the ways we can fix them in our writing.  The most challenging part of run-on sentences is figuring out when a sentence is finished.  This afternoon, we had an Indian culture day where we sampled naan and plantains.  We also practiced some traditional customs, like eating with our right hand and greeting the oldest person in the room.  Then we finished the day with a science study game.

Homework: Science test tomorrow, spelling test,  turn in study guide



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