December 21 and 22nd

Monday: It’s the last two days before Christmas break!  This morning we read Daniel 3 and filled out a journal for the fiery furnace.  Some things the students noted was that Daniel wasn’t in the furnace and how they were at peace with not being saved.  Suffering didn’t affect their faith.  Later, we worked on the last packet of Esperanza Rising, noting her flaws and how she’s being going up and down with successes and mistakes.  In the afternoon, we played Sparkle to review past spelling lists.  We read in our Heritage textbooks and completed workbook page 74.  Finally, we tested our houses by viewing them through a thermal filter on a camera and taking temperatures of different parts of the house before sealing up cracks and windows and again afterwards.  Each group saw a noticeable improvement in heat after insulating the house.  This small demonstration show how important energy conservation is in a home.

photo 1(4) - Copy photo 2(6) - Copy photo 3(5)photo 4(2)

Our Christmas party is tomorrow!  Remember a $5 gift for a classmate (a snack to share is optional).  I won’t be here for the party, but I hope everyone enjoys their break!!


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