December 14-18

Monday: This morning, the students read Daniel 1, worked on a journal entry to reflect on the passage, and we took a memory verse quiz.  During language arts, we reviewed the last chapter and started work on Las Papas.  We did not have music today, so we went to the computer lab to play a game dealing with potential and kinetic energy.  You can play at home at:  Link to Coaster Creator

Our new spelling list (and the last for 2015) is list 11:1-10.  Lastly, we took a Heritage exam on Egypt.  To celebrate Christmas, we decorated gingerbread cookies at lunch!  Please keep in mind that we will have a class party Tuesday, Dec. 22nd with a $5 gift exchange.

Tuesday: This morning we started talking about dreams and how God used them in the Old Testament.  During language arts, we started the next chapter of reading, focusing on what Esperanza’s words and actions.  We’re practicing the RACE strategy to extend our answers, and we’ll continue this packet tomorrow.  During grammar mini, the students found words in the chapter they didn’t know and worked on writing definitions.  We read about temperature and thermal energy in science and conducted a lab.  We compared our sense of touch to using a thermometer.  Lastly, we went over yesterday’s exam and talked through some of the questions we had on it.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday.  Heritage study guides on Egypt need to be turned in

Wednesday: We didn’t have a chapel speaker this morning, so we had a time of singing Christmas carols.  In language arts, the students worked on drafting a letter.  We ended ten minutes early so the staff could have some time celebrating together.  This afternoon, we finished our Esperanza packet during grammar mini.  We watched the videos below on thermal energy vs temperature and took some notes.  Lastly, the students chose between a mapping activity or a flag activity on India.  They read facts about India today, which we will compare to ancient India as we continue the unit.

Thursday: We met in small groups to continue a discussion on dreams and how God speaks to us.  In language arts, we worked on the next chapter, identifying character traits in Esperanza.  We will continue this tomorrow.  During grammar mini, we talked about the difference between the Spanish verb “ser” and “estar.”  This tied into language arts because the character traits we’re looking for in Esperanza would take the verb “ser.” For the rest of the afternoon, we started a heat loss project, where we’ll be building a construction paper house and observing how heat travels through a building and how it can escape.

Friday: This morning we read Daniel 2 and worked on a journal activity.  Next, we had reading buddies, took a spelling, and finished the packet from yesterday.  In the afternoon, we played finger twister for grammar mini.  We finished our house construction in science and completed a workbook page on the map of India.


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