December 7-11

Monday: This morning, we filled out a study guide for Bible class.  Tomorrow we will take a short quiz.  During language arts, we started reading the next chapter, focusing on important events.  This afternoon, we practiced spelling words outside and got our energy out.  Our list is 10, #26-35 (some of that is review, but the students struggled with it last week).  Later, we read about religion in Egypt, created a T chart showing the differences between Christianity and Egypt, and we watched a few Horrible Histories.  Then we did a demonstration on separating the hydrogen from oxygen in water to showcase how water is a compound composed of hydrogen gas and oxygen.  You can do this at home by attaching paperclips to the ends of a 9 volt battery and dipping the ends of the paperclip into a glass of water and baking soda.  You’ll notice that the hydrogen produces twice as many bubbles (H2O).  Then we made gummy bear molecule at the end.

Homework: Memory verse Philippians 4:4-7

Tuesday: This morning we took a Bible quiz and then made annotations on the song “It is Well with My Soul.”  In language arts, we worked on yesterday’s assignment and wrote down discussion questions to talk about tomorrow.  During grammar mini, we worked on four vocab words and completed an assignment on two of the words.  Later we read to the end of the chapter in Heritage and completed workbook page 49.  We ended the day with a study game in science.

Homework: Science exam tomorrow and I need study guides turned in as well

Friday:  I’ve been forgetting to update the blog, sorry about that for those checking for updates!  Today we started a new unit in Bible.  We left off with the fall of Judah, so now we’re learning about Daniel and what happened when the Jews were taken captive by Babylon.  This morning we also started our first day of reading buddies, took a spelling and vocab test, and finished the reading and packet on Plums.  In the afternoon, we worked on our memory verses by writing the verses in cursive on a handwriting sheet.  We also read the first two pages of the new science unit, viewed the videos below, and designed roller coasters with potential and kinetic energy.  Finally, we took a little bit of time to study for our Heritage test on Monday.

Homework: Heritage exam on Egypt due Monday.  Study guides will be due Monday as well

NOTE: Our Christmas party will be on Dec 22nd.  The students are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange with a limit of around $5.  Students can also bring a snack to share if they want.  Gluten and dairy free snacks preferred.


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