November 30- December 4

Monday: This morning we started a worksheet on the fall of Judah for Bible.  In language arts, we talked about symbolism, practiced finding it together, and looked for symbolism in the next  chapter.  We continued this during grammar mini.  During science, we took notes on last week’s concepts, listened to the song below, and talked through a rap on solutions and mixtures.  Lastly, in Heritage we were introduced to mummification by acting out the process!

Note: No spelling this week but look for a vocab quiz at the end of the week




Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about the breastplate of righteousness and how righteousness means doing the right thing.  In language arts, the students read chapter 6: Los Melones and worked on identifying types of conflict.  We also worked on sentence fragments, which we continued in the afternoon for a game of jeopardy.  We created our boats and tested their buoyancy in science, and we read to page 74 in Heritage and completed workbook 41.

Homework: No spelling this week, but be prepared for a vocab quiz!

photo 1(3) photo 2(5) photo 3(4)


Thursday: This morning we reviewed the kings by filling out highlights for each king of Judah.  In language arts, we started a prewriting activity and first draft to a narrative on a change we’ve experienced.  For grammar mini, we went over colors in Spanish.  In science we spent another day working on buoyancy and discovered that a boat with a large surface area worked the best.  The winning boat held 388 pennies!  Finally, we reviewed the Heritage pages we read yesterday and read two more together.

Homework: First draft of narrative is due on Monday


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