November 9-13

Monday: This morning we took some time to share about our weekend, and then we read through 2 Kings 18-20 where we learned about Hezekiah’s reign as Judah’s king.  Students should prepare for their memory verse for Thursday’s quiz (Jeremiah 31:33).  In language arts, the students were given directions on the final nonfiction book report.  We also started a new mentor sentence from the picture book Spork and made observations.  In the afternoon, we went outside to practice our spelling (list 10:11-20).  The students worked on their water wheel projects, and we read pages 56-59.  Lastly, we made annotations on an article introducing matter, mass, and volume.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday

Tuesday:  This morning, we went over 2 Kings 18-20.  We filled out an organizer highlighting Hezekiah’s reign.   In language arts, we spent our time reading and working on the parts of speech for our sentence.  During grammar mini, the students started a new set of vocab words, and we played a game of Pictionary to practice.  In science, we practiced finding mass, volume, and density.  And the last thing we did today was finish working on our water wheels.

photo 1(2) photo 2(3)


Thursday:We watched the video below on properties of matter.  We made this recipe of Ful Medames and read about the Egyptian diet.

Friday: The students wrote a journal entry from the perspective of Manasseh’s personal attendant and filled out the highlights of his reign.  In language arts, we took a spelling test, vocab quiz, and mentor sentence quiz.  We worked on the final 3 paragraphs of our nonfiction book reports.  Some students have chosen to type the report at home.  The book report is due Monday.  In the afternoon, we edited each other’s reports and completed Heritage workbook page 31-32.


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