November 2-6

Monday: Welcome back after the long break!  In Bible, we worked on a personal devotion sheet and started quiet time before assembly.  Each student had a personal goal for the day that they were working toward.  In language arts we talked about what to do if we get stuck in our reading and practiced fix-it strategies in work time.  This afternoon we worked on our new spelling list (10: #1-10) outside.  In Heritage, the students took an exam and reviewed the chapter on fossils.

Tuesday: During Bible, we reviewed God’s covenants with his people in the Old Testament by completing a graphic organizer.  In language arts, we learned about main ideas and supporting details.  We read to find the main idea and wrote down supporting details from our reading.  During grammar mini, we played a dice game to practice 6 new vocab words for the week.  I will quiz them on these words when we take our spelling test Friday.  In science, we played a review game and went over the test in Heritage and read about the gift of the Nile.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about lying and connected it with the armor of God.  In language arts, we practiced strategies to think while we read our nonfiction books.  Some strategies included rereading, asking questions, and clarifying.  During grammar mini, we played a parts of speech jeopardy game.  In science, we made amber fossils.  The recipe is 2 parts sugar, 1 part karo (corn syrup), and 1 part water, with 5 drops of molasses for color.  Put the ingredients in a pot and boil, stirring constantly.  Cook about 10 minutes until the cracking point (put a drop in cold water and if it forms a solid ball instead of dissolving, then it’s ready).  In Heritage, the students did a map activity on Egypt.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday and the test in science is also on Thursday (tomorrow)

photo 1(1) photo 2(2)









Thursday: The students finished their worksheet on God’s covenants and started working on their memory verse, Jeremiah 31:33.  We’ll take a quiz on this next Thursday.  In language arts, the students worked on context clues and figuring out unknown words in their reading.  During grammar mini, we practiced Creere, which I’d like to try for assembly possibly next week.  Feel free to practice on your own!  We also wrote an all about me sheet in Spanish.  For science, the students took a test on fossils.  Lastly, we read pages 56-59 in our Heritage textbooks.

Friday:  Happy Friday everyone!  This morning, we started a new unit in Bible on the kings of Judah.  We started with Hezekiah and went over a reader’s theater piece. In language arts, we completed our last section of notes on picking just right books of nonfiction.  We went out to the library to find a book of interest that the students will use for a book report next week.  This afternoon, we had another Spanish day for grammar mini.  We viewed a PowerPoint on water wheels and the shadoof and worked in groups to create a design for a water wheel that we will make on Monday.  We also completed science workbook page 33 to preview the next unit.


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