September 29-October 2

Monday: No School

Tuesday: This morning we reviewed Genesis 3 by completing a crossword and responding to 3 focus questions.  In language arts, we started our mentor sentence for the week and discussed chapters 7-10 in our literature groups.  During grammar mini, the students were given a handout on how to do spelling homework and started that.  They will need to complete 20 points worth of activities over list 9: #21-30.  This is due every Thursday.  This afternoon we took a Heritage test.

Note: This Friday is our field trip.  Permission slips need to be returned by Friday morning, and we still need 1-2 more drivers to make the field trip possible.  Contact me or the school for more details.

Next Tuesday we will be processing natural clay in art class.  Students need to bring a paint shirt or wear something that can get dirty.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about the importance of prayer.  In language arts, the students revised their mentor sentence for the week and started partner reading chapters 11-12.  We stopped periodically to share our thoughts.  In the afternoon, we completed an exercise on prepositions.  We played a rocks and minerals jeopardy game for science.  We read pages 20-22 in Heritage and completed workbook page 15.  We are starting a new unit on Mesopotamia.

Thursday: This morning we read through Genesis 6-7 as a class and discussed.  In language arts, we finished reading through chapter 12 in Old Yeller.  The students worked on a sheet making connections and determining importance.  We also completed stations in Heritage on the geography of Mesopotamia.  Below is a Spanish song I’d like to do in assembly once the students know it better.  Try practicing it at home!

Homework: Spelling homework was due today.  Spelling test is tomorrow

Friday: This morning we had bus safety that took the place of Bible.  During language arts, I had the students work on getting caught up on missing work and yesterday’s assignment, and we took a spelling test.  I reminded students that if they were disappointed in a lower score on a spelling test this month that they could redo it at home or come in for recess to retake it.

In the afternoon was our field trip!  We went to Hoff’s Rock Shop.  The students completed a short assignment on identifying the 3 main types of rocks.  They were able to cut a rock, view a fluorescent display, and were given a demonstration on polishing a rock!  Many of the students came back with rocks to add to their collection.  You can find their business online or on Facebook to find more information about planning another visit with your family.  Great job students on making it a wonderful experience!


Rock Identification Game 1

Rock Lab

3 Types of Rocks


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