September 21-25

Monday: We started our new mentor text “Gaston” and wrote down things we noticed about the mentor sentence.  We took notes on determining importance and wrote a chunky paragraph summarizing important information from today’s reading.

Wednesday: Post-It Notes to demonstrate thinking while reading (need at least 4 separate thoughts written down on post-its while reading)

  • Use half sheet handout for help on what to write on your post-its

Write out the part of speech for each word of our mentor sentence (writer’s notebook, grammar section)

Thursday: Write following notes into Writer’s Grammar/Notes section

When to Add Punctuation

  • A complete sentence- has a subject, verb, is a complete thought, and capital letter at beginning
  • Add after a complete thought
  • Reread and listen for natural pauses
  • Watch out for a sentence that’s too long
  • Look for subjects and see if any of those subjects start a new sentence

Free write for half hour (can be any topic or style of writing): Focus is on punctuation

Revise mentor sentence: Improve the writing of the “Gaston” sentence: remember to go for quality and not quantity, choose a few words to change (make more descriptive or clear), can omit or switch structure around to improve the sentence

Friday: Use the same structure as our mentor sentence to create your own sentence. Write your sentence in Writer’s Notebook: Grammar section

Imitate- Use the structure of the sentence to create a brand new sentence.  I’ve laid out the structure for this week.
Start out with a prepositional phrase + comma + independent clause + comma + conjunction + independent clause.

Example: Underneath the bright midday sky, we laid down a thin towel in the sand, and we enjoyed the sun shoeless, sluggish, and smiling.  



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