September 14-18

Monday– We made observations on our first mentor sentence for the year, we read the picture book, and wrote notes on the importance of reading.

Tuesday– We went through the parts of speech for each word of the mentor sentence.  We also took notes on text-to-text connections in our Reader’s Notebooks.
Text-to-Text Connections

  • How does your book relate to another book, story, poem, movie,
  • Connections can be made on characters, plot, themes, ideas, style
  • You can focus on contrasting ideas rather than similarities
  • Example: I read another book by the same author.  The plot and characters are very different but the style was similar in the following ways…

Students read in their books and then wrote 3-4 sentences on a text-to-text connection in the Daily Work section of their Reader’s Notebook.  Make sure that you include an explanation for your connection.

Homework: Text-to-text connection if not finished in class

Wednesday: Today we improved upon our mentor sentence.  Then we made a list of transformational life events in our writer’s notebook.

Thursday: We had a special guest speaker talk to us about the public library today.  She showed us how to use the online catalog to search for books and movies (you can do this at home, not only while you’re visiting the library).  On the library’s website, you can also check out Novelist (in the e-Resources section on the left).  This will connect you to new books that are similar to ones you like.  You will need a library card to view this page.  You can also view Britannica Encyclopedia through the e-Resource section on the library’s website at

We also worked on our mentor sentence and read in our novels.

Homework: Students should bring home their mentor text worksheet to study.  Tomorrow there will be a quiz over the week’s work.


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