September 14-18

Monday: This morning we read 1 Peter 2:12-18 and talked about 2 questions.  Why does God call us to be blameless if we can’t achieve perfection?  And does God want us to submit to a corrupt authority no matter what?  I’d like students to go home and think about these questions, ask parents, and come back to discuss our thoughts.  During language arts, we noticed things about our mentor sentence from Old Yeller and started reading the first chapter as a group, looking for vocab and thinking about what we can learn from this chapter.  We will continue our work tomorrow.  For grammar mini, we worked through our first spelling list of the year.  It’s in our books list 9: #1-10.  The focus is on commonly misspelled words.  Some students did not finish.  They will need to write each word 3 times each.  During Heritage, we went outside to make observations on our bricks.  We completed a reflection on our activity in partner groups.  Finally, we watched a couple videos on the layers of the earth, listened to the song below, and shared what we learned.

Tuesday: This morning, we finished our discussion and filled out a journal response to the next section of text in 1 Peter.  We met in literature circles for language arts and finished reading chapter 1 and responding to our reading with our group.  During grammar mini, the students chose 2 vocabulary words from their chapter 1 reading of Old Yeller and completed a vocab activity with those words.  We finished reading about Native American homes in our textbooks and completed a Venn Diagram over two Native American homes of our choosing.  Students should have 3 differences and 3 similarities.  Lastly, we read page 6 in our textbooks, viewed a PowerPoint on weathering and erosion, and completed an exit ticket over information we learned today and yesterday.

Homework: Venn Diagram if not finished in class

Wednesday: This morning, our chapel dressed in armor and introduced us to the armor of God.  In language arts, we finished yesterday’s discussion, improved upon our mentor sentence, and listened to the audio of chapters 2-3.  This afternoon, we talked about coordinating conjunctions for grammar mini.  Then we wrote letters as if we were a certain Native American tribe describing how to build our home.  Lastly, we read page 7 and completed workbook page 4 in science.

Homework: Native American letter and science workbook page 4 are due this Friday

This morning we talked through the Christ-like qualities we should strive for in 1 Peter chapter 3.  We spent some time on the couple verses that talked about seeking peace and not repaying evil with evil.

After Bible class, we had a special guest speaker talk to us about the public library today.  She showed us how to use the online catalog to search for books and movies (you can do this at home, not only while you’re visiting the library).  On the library’s website, you can also check out Novelist (in the e-Resources section on the left).  This will connect you to new books that are similar to ones you like.  You will need a library card to view this page.  You can also view Britannica Encyclopedia through the e-Resource section on the library’s website at

In Heritage, we watched the following video about the lost colony of Roanoke.  We want to pay special attention to the difficulties of surviving in the New World and finding shelter.  Lastly, in science we read through pages 8-13 and completed the activities below.

Click Here to enter the first activity.  Please write down your mineral along with the correct color, luster, cleavage and fracture, crystal system, and hardness.  When you have correctly identified these things, try another mineral but you only need to write down your results for ONE mineral.

Click Here when you are done with the first activity

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, Native American home writing due tomorrow with science workbook page 4


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