September 9-11

Tuesday– Orientation

Wednesday– Welcome back to school!!  I am so excited for this year and hope you are too.  Today we went over rules and school policies.  We read the picture book Each Kindness to open a discussion about how to treat our classmates and read Philippians 2 and 4 to see what unity in Christ looks like.  In the afternoon, we played a game called “Saving Sam” where the students had to think outside the box to save their worm from “drowning.”  Lastly, we introduced our Heritage unit on Homes of Long Ago by drawing a diagram of our homes and thinking about how things have changed.

Thursday– This morning, we started a unit on 1 Peter.  We read 1 Peter 1:1-12 and talked about stories we remembered involving Peter.  We had gym class after math, so in the afternoon we came back for language arts.  The students were grouped into tentative literature circle groupings.  Final groupings will be determined tomorrow.  They talked through how to handle conflict in their groups and avoid distractions.   As a Thursday tradition, we watched a couple Spanish videos to introduce Thursday’s grammar mini.  Lastly, we identified which regions of the States different Native American homes originated and read an introduction to the dome thatched home and earth lodge.  The students also received coupon books for our first fundraiser.  There are many prizes involved for helping sell coupon books, and it helps raise money for the school.  Those were sent home with the students this afternoon along with information about ordering pizza next week.

Friday– This morning we read 1 Peter 1:1-12 in the NLT translation to hear the passage in simpler terms.  We then responded to the passage in writing and read the next section of text.  During language arts, the students took the fruit personality test.  Final small groups were determined by similar personalities.  Finally, the students met in their groups and reflected on the cover and back of Old Yeller, making predictions on what they think will happen in the book.  In the afternoon, we played a game of verb/adverb charades.  We also went outside to make adobe bricks similar to the technique used to make Native American pueblos.  We washed up and compared this ancient brick making mixture to our modern concrete.  For science, we learned about how the layers of the earth are similar to an apple.  The students then drew a picture comparing the layers of the earth to another type of food.



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