May 11-15

Monday: We had sharing time this morning and then reviewed Paul’s second missionary journey.  We will be having a short quiz tomorrow over this unit.  During language arts, we worked on vocabulary for a story we’ll start tomorrow.  It’ll be a more difficult read, but we’ll work through it together.  This afternoon, students who hadn’t finished vocab worked on it for grammar mini and the rest of us practiced our new spelling list.  Afterwards, we reviewed what we knew of the Civil Rights Movement and watched half of the movie “Ruby Bridges.”

Homework: Vocab is due tomorrow for those who did not finish in class, spelling homework is due Wednesday (remember to get it finished in time to move up!)

NOTE: Field trip permission slips sent out today.  All work needs to be turned in to attend!

Tuesday: The students took a Bible quiz this morning, and then we started reading about Paul’s 3rd missionary journey where he spends time in Ephesus.  During language arts, we started reading the short story “Robbie” together as a class.  The story is at a higher reading level so we took some to walk through it together.  In grammar mini, they met in partner groups to quiz each other on the vocab from yesterday.  We practiced defining it, drawing it, and writing it in a sentence.  Lastly, we finished the Ruby Bridges movie and responded to it in writing.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about self-control and how messy and destructive our life will look without it.  During language arts, we finished the short story “Robbie” and talked about the character’s attachment to the robot/how we would respond.  In the afternoon, we examined the  structure of a couple sentences from the short story.  The students worked on imitating the structure in their own sentence.  We also examined a painting by Norman Rockwell, “The Problem We All Live With” and created our own watercolor renditions of the iconic painting.  Lastly, we read to the end of the unit in science.

Ruby Bridges





Thursday: We worked on a personal response worksheet “What would Paul Say?”.  Later we started reading a new story “Little Lost Robot” and will finish tomorrow.  In the afternoon, we practiced our Spanish song.  The students are getting good at saying the lyrics quickly.  We completed science workbook pages 92, 95-96 (which are the study guide pages for this chapter).  We also read pages 269-271 in our Heritage textbooks and read an article about Nixon and the Watergate Scandal.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, science test on plant classification will this coming Monday



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