May 4-8

Monday: This morning we talked about a worksheet we completed last week on things that keep us from devotions.  We talked about balancing devotions with other activities and which activities stand in our way of becoming a better person.  During language arts, we typed and formatted our poems and analogies.  I will be printing their final product to hang in the classroom.  We also practiced spelling this afternoon (list 6: #15-24).  Lastly, we read about Vietnam and completed stations to learn about Vietnam.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: This morning we went over a map activity together as a class.  We read a little bit about the geography and culture of Corinth and about Paul’s experience in the city.  We started a new unit in language arts on science fiction.  We read a poem by Jackie Koller titled “What If.”  The science fiction genre asks the question, “what if?”.  We made predictions about the future and met in groups to discuss our predictions.  In the afternoon, we worked on vocabulary skills by identifying context clues.  We also went to the computer lab and created PowerPoints on our conifer that we’ll be sharing with the class.  If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint, please ask and I will email it.

NOTE: We have set a date for our field trip to Camp Rabideau in Blackduck!  We will be touring the historic CCC camp as a tie-in to what we learned about WWII this year.  I could use one more driver (for 4 passengers) on May 19th.  More information to follow.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about bullying and thinking about other people aside from ourselves.  In language arts we filled out an anticipation guide for a short story we will be reading.  It sparked quite a bit of discussion about equality.  In the afternoon, we talked about apostrophes, analyzed photographs from Vietnam, and completed a workbook page in science.

Thursday: We started a worksheet on Paul’s stay in Corinth, which we will finish tomorrow.  We read the short story “Harrison Bergeron” in language arts, responded to the story in writing, and discussed the events and themes.  In the afternoon, we began learning a tongue twister of a Spanish song (see below).  We also viewed a PowerPoint and went through an overview of the Vietnam War.

Friday: We finished the worksheet we started yesterday in Bible.  We had reading buddies, a spelling test, and worked on a project for language arts.  In the afternoon, we wrote two paragraphs on equality (one on why equality is beneficial and another on how it could go wrong based on the short story).  We examined flowers and seeds today to determine whether they are dicots or monocots.  We also read about civil rights in Heritage.

Homework: Some students still have paragraphs to write- due on Monday


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