April 27-May 1

Monday: The students have started Iowa Basics testing, which we worked on all day.

Tuesday: We are continuing to work on Iowa Basics.  For a break in between tests, we’ve been getting outside to take photos for language arts.  The challenge is to take pictures that represent an emotion/theme.  Some students have chosen anger or sorrow.  I am very excited to see their finished products.

Remember to get plenty of rest and eat brain foods in preparation of another day of testing tomorrow. 

NOTE: We will not have spelling homework or a spelling test this week

Wednesday: Testing and taking photos in between for breaks.

Thursday: In Bible we read about Paul’s journey to Thessalonica and Berea, and we completed a worksheet.  During our regular math time, we finished the last section of testing and took a break for about 15 minutes to celebrate being done.  During language arts, the students were put in two different groups and given a photo to write a story around.  The photos were the same, but had a slightly different feel to them, which the students did an excellent job of capturing.  I hope this will encourage them to consider how editing can enhance their photos and help each photo fit their theme.  In the afternoon, we wrote a formula poem on our theme and shared them for the class.  Later we read letters that were exchanged between the US and Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis and watched a short video to recap the events.  Lastly, we read science textbook pages 138-139 and noted differences between angiosperms and gymnosperms.  girl sitting 2girl sitting

Friday: What Tree is That?

In Bible, we read about Paul in Athens and completed a crossword puzzle.   We didn’t have math today so we went outside to make observations on our conifer.  Then we went into the computer lab to identify our tree and find facts about it.  During language arts, we had reading buddies and finished our tree identification project.  During grammar mini, we wrote two analogies to go with our emotion photographs.  The rest of the afternoon was spent on a Cuban Missile Crisis simulation.  The two sides started trying to make peaceful compromises but ended in World War III.



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