April 7-10

Monday: No school

Tuesday: This morning we read a skit from our Bible textbooks and then read through the story in Acts where Paul was stoned but survived and went back in the city to preach.  What a crazy story!  During language arts, the students had time to work on an essay we started last week comparing and contrasting characters in our novels.  We have finished reading the Survivors book, and this is our final project on it.  In the afternoon, I had a small group that brainstormed and worked on finishing their essay while another group played Mad Gab.  We continued watching the D-Day video, and this will be the last day we watch.  Through watching the video, the students have come to realize the difficulties facing the Allies at Normandy Beach.  The last thing we did today was to start researching an arthropod that we will create a clay model of later in the week.

Homework: Please be looking through folders, etc. to make sure all Survivor worksheets are turned in.  Assignments we’ve done for the book will go into 4th quarter. 

No spelling homework or spelling test this week

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about the sin of selfishness and what the fruits of the spirit will look like in a family.  Later, we viewed several minutes of the 7th and 8th grade reader’s theater piece they’ve been working on.  This was a great example of reader’s theater for our class since we will be working on performing a reader’s theater script too!  In language arts, the students read through our reader’s theater script, and we created a drawing of our assigned character.  They practiced inference by using what they knew about their character and time period to imagine that character’s appearance.  During grammar mini, we had time to finish today’s assignment in language arts.  During Heritage we talked about the Manhattan Project and made decisions on how we would have responded to pursuing atomic weapon research and how to use/not use the bomb.  Lastly, we went out the computer lab to work on research of our arthropods.



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