March 30- April 2

Monday: This morning we started watching the video “Evolution vs. God.”  We took a few minutes at the end of Bible to talk about our reaction so far to the film.  During language arts, the students met in partner groups to read the next story.  As they read, they answered questions on their task cards.  For grammar mini, we looked at this week’s spelling list (list 5 #20-29 and bonus word: echinoderm).  We will be having a spelling test on Thursday even though it’s a short week.  The students were given class time to work on spelling homework, and we are starting Word Warrior Challenge again.  To move up a title, they need to turn in spelling homework on time and receive an 8/10 on the spelling test.  In science, we finished up our echinoderm illustrations and presented our facts in front of our peers.  We finished the day by reading in our Heritage textbooks and discussing our reading.

NOTE: Today is the first day of 4th quarter, and we have the opportunity to start anew and finish strong!  I will not be accepting any more 3rd quarter work.

Tuesday: We finished the video “Evolution vs. God” and discussed it afterwards.  In language arts, the students evaluated the character’s actions and chose an after reading activity.  We played a vocab game during grammar mini using this list: Vocab Game List.  We also looked at primary resources in Heritage on D-Day.  We completed the activity for resources A and B after reading 212-213 in our textbooks.  We also read in our science textbooks on worms.  We viewed pictures of tapeworms and found out the size of the longest tapeworm found in a human (wisegeek claims it was 82 feet!).  We ended the day with workbook page 69, which we corrected in class.

Homework: Please turn in spelling homework tomorrow to move up a title and earn points for language arts


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