March 23-27

Monday: We are continuing on in Acts through a new Bible unit.  We read in our Bible textbooks about the Romans at the time of the early church and read some background information on Barnabas.  In language arts, we practiced theme, found the theme in our stories, and completed a strategy log over the text.  During grammar mini, we looked over our new spelling list and practiced spelling through hangman.  We watched the beginning of a video on Pearl Harbor and took a few notes on important information from the video.  Lastly, we viewed a PowerPoint on mollusks and worked through an online dissection of a squid.

Tuesday: We completed a worksheet in Bible over the information we read yesterday.  We also read a new story in language arts and completed a during reading activity on determining importance and plot.  In the afternoon, we found 2-3 unknown words from our reading today and created a short story using those words.  For Heritage, we finished the second half of the Pearl Harbor video and added final thoughts to our notes.  We wrapped up the day with a jeopardy game reviewing mollusks: mollusk jeopardy.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker used an analogy comparing the Christian faith to automobiles.  Some of the points he made were to be prepared in emergencies and keep your automobile/faith serviced.  Afterwards, we met in literature circles to discuss yesterday’s reading.  The students did a great job asking each other thick questions and sharing relevant connections to the text.  They finished language arts with a self-evaluation.  In the afternoon, they had time to finish Bell Work from last week and yesterday’s short vocab story.  We read in our Heritage textbook about the US response to Pearl Harbor.  We wrote a paragraph on Japan’s role in WWII.  Lastly, we read new information on echinoderms and started research on an echinoderm of our choosing.

NOTE: TOMORROW is science fair and FRIDAY is the end of the quarter.  Everything needs to be turned in on Friday to participate in the  end of the quarter reward. Students need to bring a dinner on Thursday, but they don’t need a lunch Friday as we’re having lunch brought in as a reward for raising the most money during Skate-a-Thon.

Thursday: The day of science fair has finally arrived!  We read a few sections in our Bible textbooks this morning on geography/locations of Paul and Barnabas’ journeys.  In language arts, we read Sarah’s story and completed a before and after reading activity.  In the afternoon, the students finished a “Conjugarte” project on Spanish verb conjugations.  We also listened to these Spanish songs.  The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to practicing for science fair.  The students did an excellent job presenting to their peers and the judges!  One of our own received best of show!

Friday: We had a normal morning with a Bible worksheet mapping out the locations Paul went to on his first missionary journey.  We took a spelling test, had reading buddies, and filled out another after reading sheet from our story.  The rest of the day was a party for the Skate-a-Thon reward!  Our class had a special lunch, and then the school enjoyed a movie together!

No homework!  Today is the end of the quarter, so we have a fresh start when we come back Monday morning!


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