March 9-13

Monday: In Bible we read about Peter’s escape from prison and Herod’s death from Acts 12.  We created a perspective writing in language arts and discussed our reading from last week.  In the afternoon, we played Spell-a-Roll on list 4: #21-30 (bonus word: acknowledgment).  Ben completed his science fair experiment and we talked through an overview of the conclusion and abstract.  We spent some time looking at different science fair display boards.  You could do a simple Google search to get design ideas for your board.   Lastly, we read pages 200-202 in Heritage and reviewed history up to 1935.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  Remember there are science fair deadlines coming up.  Science fair will be here in no time!

Tuesday: Our Bible curriculum doesn’t have us read the end of Acts, but we took some time today to scan through and read some of the sections that jumped out at us.  Some of our class favorites were the man who fell out of the window listening to Paul’s sermon and Paul in jail.  During language arts, we read the next story (or chapters 3-4 in Number the Stars).  We wrote down 6-10 thin and thick questions from our reading.  In the afternoon, we worked on the vocab word “audacity” using this sheet: WordoftheWeek.  Later when we talked about blitzkrieg, we examined a quote by Major General Fuller who said, “Speed, and still more speed, and always speed was the secret… and demanded audacity, more audacity, and always audacity.”  We saw how Germany used a bold, offensive tactic to take over Poland.  For the first half of Heritage, students met in groups as German commanders and planned out a battle strategy to take over neighboring countries.  Ben and Hailie won the title of “Blitzkrieg Bombers” for coming up with a plan that was closest to the Germans’ plan in WWII.  We also used pictures to sequence the stages of Blitzkrieg, and we watched the videos below.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker gave an example of unfaithfulness with the Israelites in the wilderness.  We saw a slideshow of the area the Israelites would have traveled after they left Egypt.  In language arts, we did a couple activities on inference.  We completed bell work for grammar mini and a study guide in science.  The science test will be on Monday.  Lastly, we viewed a PowerPoint in Heritage and reviewed the battle strategy of Blitzkrieg.

Homework: Science test on Monday.  Written report (excluding sections already turned in) is due on Monday.

Thursday: This morning we split into prayer groups and quizzed each other on a Bible study guide.  We will have a Bible quiz on the Acts unit tomorrow.  Students may want to review their study guides at home in preparation for the quiz.  Today in language arts, we worked on comparing and contrasting characters in our books.  We also created a literature poster on Herbert’s story (or chapters 3-4).  The poster had us find different parts of speech in the story, diagram plot, and illustrate 4 scenes from our reading.  During grammar mini this afternoon, we talked about Spanish verb conjugation, a very difficult topic to understand.  I imagine it will take us a few more weeks learning about verbs to understand conjugation.  Afterwards, we completed a worksheet on the early battles of WWII and finished our science study guides.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow and Bible quiz.  Science exam on Monday

Friday: We took a quiz on Acts in Bible.  During language arts, we went upstairs to reading buddies, took a spelling test, and read the next story in our Holocaust books.  This afternoon we played grammar games (something I think we’ll start doing on Fridays for grammar mini).  We also played a review game in science and read about the battle of Dunkirk.


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