March 2-6

Monday: We took prayer requests this morning and then started working on a poem about Christian unity based on Acts 10.  We are starting a new unit in language arts on the Holocaust.  Most students will be starting the nonfiction book Survivors, while the rest of the class reads Number the Stars.  We will have many of the same lesson objectives in both books, so they won’t be completely separate during the unit.  Both of these books introduce the Holocaust, so I want parents to be aware that we are now starting to address this topic in class.  This afternoon we had a presentation about online safety from a sheriff deputy.  He stressed the importance of only doing things online that we’re comfortable sharing with parents/teachers.  After the presentation, we had time for grammar mini and science.  We read pages 91-95 and took notes on the 6 kingdoms.

Homework: Grammar mini is due on Wednesday


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