Feb 23-27

Monday: In Bible, we read student textbook page 78 and worked on a worksheet about using your whole body to tell people about Christ.  During language arts, we started a final project on our Great Depression novels.  We will be working on a dodecahedron book report like this:

This afternoon, we were given our spelling list (list 4: #11-20 and bonus word: organelle) and chose an exercise spelling practice for grammar mini.  Afterwards we created cell models with jello and candy.  Students can earn extra credit by making a cell model out of a different material (One year a student made a beautiful cake like this picture for extra credit!).

We read the first few pages of a new unit in Heritage on dictators. We discussed our reading, and talked about the inherent problems of having absolute power over a country.

Here our a couple of our cell models:

image(12) image(13)























Tuesday: We completed a worksheet on Saul’s conversion (contrasting his life before Christ to his life after) and read through Acts 9:1-19.  We organized our desks and worked on our final project in language arts.  In the afternoon, we practiced science and Heritage vocab during grammar mini.  In Heritage, we read about Hitler’s background prior to WWII and did a character walk.  We started working on an organelle skit (from workbook page 57) in science.  We will finish planning that tomorrow and perform for the class.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  I have a few missing research papers.  Please remember to turn them in so I have time to proofread everyone’s paper


Thursday: We read through the end of Acts 9 and talked about the causes of prejudice.  Today was the last day to work on our final project for language arts.  If they aren’t finished, then students need to put together their dodecahedron at recess or home.  During grammar mini, we watched a video on the difference between ser and estar in Spanish and worked through Spanish conjugations.  We read to the end of the chapter in Heritage and learned about mitosis in science.  We watched the video below and completed a worksheet to review the video.  Lastly, we used play dough to go through the phases of mitosis.

Homework: Procedure is due tomorrow

Friday: We drew pictures of scenes from Acts 10 and talked about the difficulty of the Jews reaching out to the Gentiles.  We had reading buddies in language arts, took a spelling test, and fixed our science tests to be in complete sentences.  This afternoon, we did a handwriting activity over commonly misspelled words.  We worked on a Fakebook for the dictators we’ve been learning about in Heritage.  In science, we’ve been learning about cell reproduction.  We watched the video below on meiosis.


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