Feb 17-20

Monday: No school!

Tuesday: This morning we read through Acts 6:8-15 and chapter 7 to find out about Stephen’s trial before the Sanhedrin.  We also read in our Bible textbooks on page 77.  During language arts, we completed our daily reading/activity and talked about how to write a bibliography.  I’m encouraging students this year to use easybib.com to help them with their bibliography.  You can copy/pasted the URL and it’ll generate a citation for you.  As an FYI, we use MLA formatting to write our bibliography (keep it double spaced, Times New Roman, if it’s 2 or more lines, indent the 2nd).  In the afternoon, we played a couple vocabulary games for grammar mini.  We worked on a study guide in Heritage and did a class activity to demonstrate how important details are in writing a procedure.

Homework: Heritage test on Thursday; no spelling this week

Wednesday: We didn’t have a chapel speaker today so we read through Stephen’s speech in Acts 7.  We took a close look at how he presented his speech and why he talked so much about Moses.  In language arts, we worked on writing bibliography citations and in-text citations.  We also completed our daily reading/activity.  In the afternoon, we played a study game and finished bibliography work.  These activities took up our whole afternoon and we didn’t get to science.

Thursday: In Bible, we started a worksheet titled “Stephen” that we will finish tomorrow.  We worked on today’s reading and activity, and the students looked over their work so far to make sure they had complete sentences and answers.  In the afternoon, we worked a little bit on Spanish vowels, talked through a few numbers, and listened to a couple Spanish songs.  We completed a worksheet analyzing a political cartoon and worked on notes on the functions of organelles from science textbook pages 84-85.

Friday: We finished the Bible worksheet “Stephen” and read through Acts 8.  We had reading buddies this morning and did our last activity for our Great Depression novel unit!  Next week, we will complete a culminating activity on our novels.  In the afternoon, we worked on our face drawings for art class.  We took a Heritage test and finished the notes on the organelles.

I have updated the science fair packet.  You can view it here: Science Fair Packet

Homework: Science fair procedure is due next Friday


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