February 9-13

Monday: This morning we read through Acts 5 and talked about the story of Ananias and Sapphira and why they were punished so harshly.  We are continuing to read and work on a daily activity in language arts.  Many students finished early and were able to work on spelling homework for the week.  It’s been a long time, but we are back in our spelling books (list 4: #1-10).  This afternoon, we played spell-a-roll for grammar mini.  We watched an informational video on the dust bowl, and played a game to see if our pretend family would survive 8 weeks of the dust bowl.  Students had to budget and ration food to survive.  After the activity, we took a science test and answered questions about the activity.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday (list 4: #1-10)

Tuesday: This morning we talked about our identity in Christ and taped a sheet onto our desks to remember who we are in Christ.  We also worked on a crossword to review Acts 5.  Students are completing their Great Depression books in language arts.  In grammar mini, they created vocabulary cartoons.  We viewed a few minutes of a documentary and reflected on it using these questions.  Then they met with a friend to read science pages 78-83 and worked on higher level thinking questions by rolling a cube.

NOTE: Valentine’s Day is coming up and students can choose to bring in valentines to share on Friday.

Thursday: We read Acts 6:1-7 and Bible textbook page 76.  This afternoon we read to the end of the chapter in Heritage.  We also looked at science page 82 and completed workbook page 54.  Students had the opportunity to experiment with microscopes.  They learned about the different parts of microscopes, viewed slides, and created slides of their own.  Part of the assignment was to make a slide of their saliva, sketch what they saw, and write down observations.


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