February 2-6

Monday: In Bible we read through Acts 2.  During language arts, we took a spelling test we missed from Friday and completed some science fair research.  In the afternoon we had our annual spelling bee competition.  Mikah Cerven received 1st place, Isaiah Cerven got 2nd place, and David Coffin got 3rd place.  Congratulations to our finalists!  Afterwards, we watched a video on earthships which we will continue tomorrow.  Something to ponder: Can you use recycled materials to construct a house?  Would you like to live in an earthship?

Homework: NO spelling homework this week.  Our short stories are due on Wednesday

Tuesday: We completed a worksheet this morning to review Acts 2.  We’ve been spending a little time talking about how this is now an indwelling of the holy spirit and the significance of Peter’s speech.  During language arts, we viewed a PowerPoint on Plagiarism One of the most important things to keep in mind with plagiarism is that your paper should sound like your formal self, not an encyclopedia.  The paper needs to be almost entirely in your own [5th or 6th grade] words.  You shouldn’t have more than about 3 consecutive words from the source.  We practiced paraphrasing an encyclopedia excerpt in class and completed a worksheet on common knowledge.  This afternoon, we played a memory game with Heritage terms for grammar mini.  We read in our Heritage textbooks and took notes on bull and bear markets.  Finally, we continued watching a video on earthships.  We wrote a reflection on the design of the earthship we viewed and whether or not we would like to live in a similar house.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about his mission trip to Africa and encouraged students to take a mission trip at some point in their lives.  After chapel, we had time to research for science fair in the computer lab.  This will probably be our last day of research in school (aside from talking about how to write the bibliography) before the rough draft is due.  Students should take time in library or over the weekend to finish their research.  This afternoon, we practiced writing metaphors and similes for grammar mini.  In Heritage, we learned about how to write found poetry and composed poems from primary documents from the Great Depression.  We used our knowledge of metaphors and similes to incorporate figurative language into our poems.  The last thing we did today was add more text annotations to an article we read yesterday on solar building design.  When the students had finished, they met in groups to brainstorm actual things they can do at school to practice conservation.  We want to implement those changes immediately and start thinking about similar changes we can make at home.

Homework: Science fair research paper rough draft is due Feb 18th

Thursday: We talked about the differences between disciples and apostles and read Acts chapter 3-4 about Peter and John healing a crippled man.  In language arts, we started a new unit that will last about 2 weeks.  The students are each reading different books related to the Great Depression.  Each day in class, they will be working on reading their book and completing an activity for the day.  This is an independent unit since we’re all reading different books and will require a certain amount of self-discipline to finish the daily assignments.  During grammar mini we had extra time to work on language arts and any other unfinished assignments.  In Heritage, we read pages 160-161, viewed photographs from the 1930-40s, and created dust bowl art.  In science we worked on a study guide for a short test tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s test is only 10 questions and will wrap up our unit on conservation.

Homework: Science test tomorrow


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