January 26-30

It’s beach week!

Monday: Hawaii Day, Tuesday: Color Day (Neon), Wednesday: Wacky Wed, Thursday: Crazy Hair, Friday: End of the quarter reward- Skiing

Monday: This morning we read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 and this devotional article.  We related it to what we’ve been learning in both Heritage and science.  We also wrote the introduction to our science fair research paper.  Then we created a spider web of subtopics we can research for our paper and went to the library to check out books to use during our research.  In the afternoon, we played a spelling game for grammar mini.  We viewed the video below on the stock market crash and took a pop quiz over the new information.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: Bible- we read Acts chapter 1:12-26.  During language arts, we worked on science fair research paper. We made cards for a game of memory over new Heritage terms.  We also did a Heritage simulation on the stock market.  Students invested $1000 in stocks of their choice and saw what happened through the years of the 1920s.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about being kind even when the recipient doesn’t acknowledge or receive your gift.  In language arts, the students rewrote their stories.  These stories are due next Wednesday and should be stapled with the rough draft and editing sheet.  In the afternoon, we worked on sentence expanding to think about all the ways we can revise our sentences when rewriting our short stories.  Afterwards we recalculated our stock market totals and found out that the girls’ group ended up with the most money in 1929, although both groups lost money from their initial investments.  Our final activity was working on our solar cookers.  We’re hoping to have enough sunlight to be able to test them out tomorrow!

Homework: Short story rewrite is due next Wednesday.  If students are interested in bringing their own food to cook tomorrow, they will need to bring it to school.  Otherwise, they will have the opportunity to test out their solar ovens on cookie dough.

Spelling Bee will be held on Monday, Feb 2

Remember to study to do your best and have a chance to earn a trophy!

Spray painted DIY trophies for spelling bee.  Instead of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, it's A, B, and C place!


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