January 20-23

Monday: No School

Tuesday: This morning we read Revelation 21 and 22 and page 169 of our Bible textbook.  In language arts, we viewed a PowerPoint , took notes, and completed a worksheet on identifying types of conflict.  The students do have a spelling test this week even though it’s a short week, but they were given time in class to work on spelling homework.  This afternoon, we played Sparkle during grammar mini.  In Heritage, we finished playing the Economy Game.  We noticed that some people profited greatly from the game while others lost money.  How is that like a capitalist society?  We looked through the pages for our next science unit and talked about what we knew from each page.  Our focus question for this unit is “What responsibility do we have to be good stewards of the earth, and how does God want us to take care of it?”  And finally, how can we live out our faith on a daily basis so that we’re being intentional with protecting and sustaining God’s creation?

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday if not finished in class

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about kindness using the story of David and Saul from 1 Samuel 26.  At the end of chapel we read through the story and talked about being kind to others even when they have a history of being unkind to you.  We also viewed a PowerPoint on theme, completed a worksheet, and created a plot diagram for our short stories we will be writing (use characters from characterization lessons).  The students are writing their stories with a specific theme in mind.  This afternoon we filled out a Heritage study guide.  We also viewed a PowerPoint on solar cookers.  Students should start collecting materials to make a solar cooker.  Materials need to be brought to school no later than January 28th.  Common household materials that can be used for a solar cooker include pizza boxes, shoe boxes, tin foil, and Saran Wrap.

Homework: Gather materials for solar cooker by Jan 28.  Heritage test this Friday, Jan 23

Thursday: This morning we completed a worksheet on how we can apply what we learned from the book of Revelation to our lives.  In language arts, we used our plot diagrams to write a short story.  Each event on your diagram should be a separate paragraph.  Most students wrote about 2 pages today.  During grammar mini, we watched a couple Spanish videos and students shared their writing pieces from this morning.  We played a game of Grudge Ball to practice for our Heritage test.  The game lasted the rest of the afternoon.

NOTE: END OF THE QUARTER IS THIS FRIDAY.  ALL work needs to be turned in by that day to participate in our ski day on Jan. 30th.


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