January 12-16

Monday: This week is Spiritual Emphasis Week, so we will have chapel every day this week.  In language arts, the students took notes on plot. Then we read a few stories and found the elements of the story.  Lastly, the students filled out a blank plot template on a book or movie they’ve seen recently.  In the afternoon, students were given their second Word Warrior list. Word Warrior Spelling Lists 2 To move up titles this week they will need to turn in homework on time and do well on their spelling test.  Students can see me about moving up a title if they’re behind.  The students played a matching game in science and completed the questions at at the end of the unit on a separate piece of paper.  In Heritage, we read about monopolies and wrote a paragraph of what would happen if Walmart had a monopoly on groceries in Bemidji.

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: October 2012: Plot Anchor Chart

Tuesday: Our chapel speakers talked to us about volunteering, specifically Habitat for Humanity and the Food Shelf.  In language arts, we went over exposition and started watching Pixar short films to chart the 6 parts of plot.  If you want to review the films we’ve watched, you can find them all on YouTube.  In this short unit, I’m hoping the parts of plot will become second nature to the students.  In the afternoon, we created 6 flashcards on any words we wanted to define from this science unit on weathering and erosion.  We also worked on a science study guide from the workbook.  The entire study guide is pages 22, 26, and 33-36.  We skipped Heritage today to give us enough time to complete the study guide.

Homework: Science study guide, flash cards, and test will be due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about how our works can lead people to Christ more than our words.  In language arts, we reviewed the Pixar short film Lifted and watched Tin Toy, Geri’s Game, and Partly Cloudy.  Geri’s Game was the most difficult film we examined to find the 6 parts of plot, but the students did a great job!  This afternoon, we worked on a comma worksheet.  Commas are one of the trickiest grammar concepts, but we need to have a solid grasp of comma use to improve our writing.  Afterwards, we read through page 144 in our Heritage textbooks, planned a budget, and finished page 70 in our workbook.  The last thing we did today was practice for our science exam by playing a study game.

 Thursday: Heritage Game- Money Metropolis- Click Here to Play!


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