January 5-9

Monday: We had a two hour late start today, our first of the year.  We took a couple minutes to share about our Christmas break, and then we started on language arts.  We received our spelling list for the week and worked on making root study tabs as a grammar mini activity.   This month we are having a Word Warrior Challenge where students earn Greek god titles as they master Greek and Latin roots.  They earn points through spelling tests and spelling activities.  Their goal is to make it to the title of Zeus by the end of the month. Here are our first lists: Word Warrior Spelling Lists This afternoon, we had our annual geography bee.  Everyone competed in seven rounds and we narrowed it down to 10 finalists.  The final round will take place after gym tomorrow.  Congratulations finalists and good luck tomorrow!

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

*The end of the 2nd quarter is January 23rd.  Make sure all work is turned in by that date to participate in the end of the quarter reward and to earn good grades.

Tuesday: This morning we read pages 165-166 in our Bible textbooks and read through Revelation 13.  We talked about the significance of numbers in the Bible.  This morning we are starting a short writing unit and talked about characterization.  CharacterizationDayOne  In the afternoon, we finished the geography bee.  From our class, Isaiah came in 3rd place and Ben in 2nd.   Great job having two of our students place!  Afterwards, we played finger twister to practice language arts concepts.  Finger Twister We read pages 34-36 in our science textbooks and discussed what we read.

Wednesday: Welcome to winter in Minnesota!  We had yet another 2 hour late start today, which disrupts our daily schedule.  We had a shortened language arts period when we arrived this morning.  Yesterday during our characterization lesson, the students struggled with using descriptive adjectives to describe their characters.  So today we did a warm up activity with mustaches.  Then we met in small groups (and made it a competition) to view photos of people we’ve never met and come up with adjectives to describe them.  Lastly, we looked back in our handout from yesterday and worked on making very detailed descriptions of our two characters.  In the afternoon, we practiced using varied sentence structure to make an interesting paragraph.  We noticed that an entire paragraph consisting of five sentences is boring to read.  We practiced using varied sentence lengths to describe the picture below.

Later in the afternoon, I handed out packets of information for science fair.  We read through information about how to choose a topic and write a question.  We also watched the following short clips.  After that, we read Heritage pages 128-131 and completed workbook page 67.

Science Fair Deadlines 2015

Science Fair Question: January 20th

Materials and Hypothesis: January 30th

Research and Bibliography: February 18th (Rough Draft)

Procedure: February 27th

Written Report:

Includes ALL written portions March 16th

March 25th (Revised Copy)

Log Book and Board: March 25th

 Thursday: This morning we worked on a worksheet for Revelation chapter 13.  In language arts, we completed day two of characterization: looking at the inside.  CharacterizationDayTwo This afternoon is our Spanish day and we watched the video below.  We played a game in Heritage, answered the discussion questions below, and read page 132.

We also read pages 40-41 in our science textbook, talked through the differences between weathering and erosion, looked a few picture examples, and completed this activity.  By the end of the class, students were able to tell a partner the difference between weathering and erosion.  If we were to think about those words in human terms, which would be erosion and which would be weathering?

Friday: In Bible we read pages 167-168 in our textbooks and read Revelation 19 and 20.  In language arts, we had reading buddies, took a spelling test, and completed a characterization worksheet.  CharactersandEventsDayThree This afternoon we made nuts and bolts chess pieces and worked on a chess board (you could make similar pieces at home!) in art class.  Later on, we completed this worksheet in partner groups and read page 133.  Lastly, we completed science workbook pages 33-34.



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