December 15-19

Monday: In Bible, we finished the backside of the worksheet we started Friday on the 7 churches.  Half of language arts was spent decorating a gingerbread man, and then we read chapters 3-4.  We wrote a 6 sentence minimum on a diary entry of Imogene Herdman and answered a couple questions from chapter 4.  In the afternoon, we picked our spelling words from our spelling bee list and played hangman with a friend.  We also took a science test on earthquakes and volcanoes (study guides were due today).  Lastly, we took a look at primary documents on Prohibition.  We completed page 3-5 and page 8.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  Island of the Blue Dolphin CD is due Friday.

Tuesday: This morning we talked about worship and read pages 163-164 in our Bible textbook.  We are going over John’s vision in Revelation 4-5, trying to imagine what it would be like to see such a brilliant vision of worship in God’s throne room.  We then read an article by Lee Strobel on Christmas that relates to the Herdman’s reaction to learning about the Christmas story.  We marked up the article with connections, things we found interesting,  questions, and what we wanted to remember.  We met in groups to discuss our findings and then read chapter 5.  This afternoon, we went through this PowerPoint to introduce the concept of weathering and watched the video below.  Students took notes and received points for writing them neatly. Weathering Part I We also completed the Prohibition questions from yesterday (completing document C and D).

NOTE: January 23rd is the end of the 2nd quarter.  Review current grades online to see missing work.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about how we are a light to the world.  She gave each student a battery operated candle to remind them of the message today.  Our language arts was cut short today because of the staff Christmas party.  We shared our parts of speech projects and read chapter 6.  In the afternoon, we finished our complex sentence pages to make a class book.  We also read the following article on Prohibition Prohibition- The Noble Experiment and debated whether or not Prohibition was a good idea.  Students were assigned a position, which challenged some of them to assume the perspective of their side.  We also read pages 26-31 in our science textbooks.

Thursday: Today we read through chapters 4-5 in Revelation and wrote our  own description of a worshipful scene or a praise.  In language arts, we finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and completed a story web on it.  For those who finished early, they got caught up on missing work.  We practiced Spanish colors and read a Spanish book.  We reviewed weathering and played a game like Jeopardy to review what we’ve learned so far.  Weathering PowerPoint Review Game with Answers  We also learned how to do the Charleston Dance a practiced a few times.


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