December 8-12

Monday: We prayed together as a class and finished our worksheets on symbolism in Revelation.  In language arts, we started our final project for Island of the Blue Dolphins.  The project is designing a cd with information about the book and a playlist of songs Karana might want to listen to while she was alone on the island.  This afternoon, we chose our spelling words from our spelling bee list and created word art in the form of a snowflake with the words we chose.  In Heritage, we listened to examples and non-examples of Jazz.  Our assignment was to write down a definition of Jazz.  What does it sound like?  What tone and mood are set?

(Wild Man Blues by Louis Armstrong, Grandpa’s Spells by Jelly Roll Morton, It Don’t Mean a Thing- Ella Fitzgerald, Creole Love Call- Duke Ellington, Weeping Willow Blues- Bessie Smith)

Lastly, we read pages 16-17 in science and completed the quick check.  Students made models of the 3 types of volcanoes with play dough and acted out the different types of eruptions.

Homework: Think about songs Karana would have on her island playlist, spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible we worked on a new worksheet dealing with the names of God in Revelation, part of which was a personal reflection.  In language arts we continued to work on our final project for Island of the Blue Dolphins.  In the afternoon, we took out all our vocabulary flashcards and studied for a vocab quiz we will have tomorrow.  In Heritage, we talked a little bit more about  music in the 1920s (pages 15-18).  The lesson was on black minstrels, which will lead up to a lesson on the Harlem Renaissance.  We talked briefly about racism and borrowing from African American culture.  In science, we read pages 14-15, viewed a few pictures of artifacts from Pompeii, and completed this sheet.

Homework: Volcano creative writing piece is due on Friday

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about listening and obeying God.  We took a vocabulary quiz: CopyofIslandoftheBlueDolphinsVocabQuiz.  We also listened to two books on listening and wrote a listening/following directions goal for the rest of the day.  Lastly, we worked on spelling homework and our final project.  This afternoon, we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and noticed that most of the sentences in the book are complex.  We made our own page similar to the book using a complex sentence.  We will put them together to make a class book full of complex sentences!  We also read and discussed the Harlem Renaissance.  Then we finished the unit on volcanoes and earthquakes.  The students had a choice to either complete page 23 or page 24 in their science textbooks.

Thursday: Today we read the play in our student textbooks and then looked at pictures of the seven church locations in Revelation.  In language arts we completed a before reading activity for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which we will finish reading by Christmas break.  We also read chapter 1 as a class.  In the afternoon, we worked on a science study guide.  We also split into groups to work in centers to view art, read poems, and listen to music of the Harlem Renaissance.

Homework: Science study guide and test on Monday

Friday: We started working on a worksheet of the seven churches.  Students started picking up on similarities between the letters.  John seemed to be using a similar format in the letters.  During language arts, we went upstairs to reading buddies, took a spelling test, read chapter 2, and designed a t-shirt “proud to be a Herdman.”  This afternoon we made a snowflake acrostic poem in our best handwriting.  We wrote a Harlem Renaissance Poem and we studied for Monday’s science test on earthquakes and volcanoes.

Homework: Science test on Monday

Mercalli Scale

Richter Scale

Measures The effects caused by earthquake The energy released by the earthquake
Measuring Tool Observation Seismograph
Calculation Quantified from observation of effect on earth’s surface, human, objects and man-made structures Base-10 logarithmic scale obtained by calculating logarithm of the amplitude of waves.
Scale I (not felt) to XII (total destruction) From 2.0 to 10.0+ (never recorded). A 3.0 earthquake is 10 times stronger than a 2.0 earthquake.
Consistency Varies depending on distance from epicenter Varies at different distances from the epicenter, but one value is given for the earthquake as a whole.

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