December 1-5

Monday: In Bible, we spent half the time reading a Bible book given to us by Mrs. Williams.  Those will be sent home to read/look over.  Afterwards we read chapter 22 in Island of the Blue Dolphins, plotted locations on the map from the new chapters we’ve read, and were given our spelling bee words.  The spelling bee won’t be for another month or so, but I wanted to give the students the list early to study.  Our spelling list this week will be over any 10 words they choose from that list.  We also received instructions for the final project for this unit, which we won’t start until we’ve finished reading the book: Final Project Link.  In the afternoon, we used this sheet to practice our spelling words for grammar mini.  In the afternoon, we did a quick web activity and an introduction to our new unit on the 1920s.  We also took an open book quiz on the immune system that will end this unit.


Tuesday: In Bible we talked about our secret Santa.  Students filled out a sheet all about me and we drew names.  Students should limit their spending to $5-7 and bring their gift for our class party on Dec. 19.  In language arts, we met in partner groups to read to the end of the book.  Most groups finished the book today or got close to finishing.  This afternoon, we played a vocabulary dice game on any 6 words we didn’t know the meaning of from our spelling bee list.  Later, we viewed the following advertisements and completed a worksheet (page 4) on consumerism in the 1920s vs. today.  In science we read pages 3-7 and did an activity with Snickers bars on plate tectonics. snickersLab

Wednesday: We practiced for the Christmas program during chapel.  In language arts, we finished reading the book, answered discussion questions, and found one example of each of the following: simple, compound, and complex sentences from the book.  In the afternoon, we practiced our Spanish song “Mi Burrito Sabanero” for assembly tomorrow morning.  We also read pages 116-118 in our Heritage textbooks and wrote 1  paragraph from the perspective of someone living in the 1920s (ex. policeman, bootlegger, flapper, etc).  We finished the day by read to page 10 in science textbook and completing workbook page 4 #7-16.

Spelling Homework is Due

Thursday: We started today with an introduction to a unit on Revelation.  We made a web of things that come to mind when we think about that book of the Bible.  We read pages 155-156 in our Bible textbooks and discussed the genre of Revelation.  In language arts, we started watching the movie made from the book, “Island of the Blue Dolphins.”  This afternoon we worked on writing compound sentences and complex sentences: Complex Sentences.  The students reviewed their positions for the court case on vaccines and we held our final court case.

Friday: In Bible we worked on a worksheet exploring the symbols in the book of Revelation.  We finished The Island of the Blue Dolphins movie in language arts and took a spelling test.  This afternoon, we completed a handwriting sheet, watched the following 1920s film clips (we paused to observe details iconic of the 1920s), and we completed a science experiment where we built structures to withstand an earthquake.  We used textbook pages 12-13 and completed workbook pages 7-8.


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