November 24-26

Monday: We played a game like Scattegories to think about things we’re thankful for during Bible.  We also met in prayer groups.  During language arts, we listened to chapters 19-20 together and talked about what we read.  Afterwards, we found the parts of speech in a mentor sentence from chapter 20.  The students had an easier time identifying parts of speech after working on their big project.  In the afternoon, we played Boggle as a class in our grammar mini time since we don’t have spelling this week.  Later we worked on filling out a Heritage study guide and we started prep work for a court case on vaccines.

Homework: Heritage test and study guide are due this Wednesday, Nov. 26 as well as the Parts of Speech Project

Tuesday: We reflected on things we are thankful for again today and prayed as a class.  In language arts, we took notes on dependent and independent clauses, completed an exit ticket on the new information, and we wrote two complex sentences.  Afterwards, we listened to chapter 21.  This afternoon, we made vocabulary cards for the words bore, bale, reproachfully, fledging, and fagot.  We did final work on our Heritage study guides and played a study game.  We also did our final prep work for our science court case tomorrow on vaccines.

Homework: Heritage test tomorrow and study guide is due.  Parts of Speech Project needs to come in tomorrow and we need to be ready for our science court case


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