November 17-21

Monday: Click here for our language arts web activity

We worked on fruits of the spirit posters this morning.  In language arts, we went to the computer lab and used the link above to view pictures of the island and read the real story of Karana.  We used the map activity and our book to plot important points on the island.  Some of the students had enough time to take the quiz (where it says “Finish”).  In the afternoon, we were given our spelling lists: 5th Grade List 7 (all lists are in that document).  We split into groups to practice our new words for  grammar mini.  Afterwards, we created viewed a PowerPoint: PowerPoint – Lesson 4 – The Home Front during World War I – The Twentieth Century Way Unit and then started working on our own propaganda posters.  Propaganda Poster Activity– Lesson 4 – The Home Front during World War I – The Twentieth Century Way Unit For science, we used pages 352-359 to complete workbook page 236.

Homework: Science WB page is due tomorrow, spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible, we worked on our fruits of the spirit posters.  In language arts, we did a challenge activity (teams competed to draw the most detailed picture of Karana’s shelter from chapter 12).  We read chapters 11-12 together as a class.  And we compared the author’s note on page 187 to the article we read yesterday “The Real Story of Karana.”  The students wrote a solid paragraph of 4-5 sentences on how those two accounts are different and which is mostly likely true with reasons supporting their opinion.  In the afternoon, we made vocabulary flashcards for the words sinew, clamor, gruel, and grating.  In Heritage, the students finished their propaganda posters and gave critique on each other’s work.  Lastly, we went over this PowerPoint and read pages 362-363: Immune System

Homework: Parts of Speech Project is officially due November 26 (the day before Thanksgiving break) and Genetics Poster is due this Friday

Wednesday: This morning we heard a presentation from overseas missionaries on reaching other people groups.  We learned many new facts on how to share about Jesus.  In language arts, we are working on reading chapters 13-18 and writing a 4-6 summary on each chapter.  We will continue working on that tomorrow.  In the afternoon, we talked about literary devices and read two poems written during WWI.  We met in partner groups to discuss the poems and find literary devices in the poems.

Thursday: This morning we looked at a few verses on friendship and watched the video below.  We went through this worksheet (Untitleddocument(2)) and thought of examples on how to fill our people’s buckets.  We are going to keep a class bucket that we will fill with pompoms/cotton balls.  If we can fill the bucket with positives, we will have a party!  Our goal is to be kind to each other and positive influences in our classmates’ lives.  In language arts, we continued working on reading chapters 13-18, writing a summary for each chapter, and completing the worksheet.  We also took some time to make a parting gift to our BSU practicum student.  In the afternoon, we started working on the Spanish song, “Mi Burrito Sabanero.”   We also read until the end of the chapter in Heritage and completed a worksheet on the ending of WWI.  Finally, we created a wanted poster for a bacterial pathogen: Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project PLAN


Friday: We prayed together as a class this morning and then wrote notes of encouragement to each other, practicing filling our buckets!  In language arts, we took a spelling test and discussed the chapters we read in our groups, recording our comments: ch. 11-18 This afternoon, we worked on a handwriting sheet for grammar mini.  In Heritage, we played a WWI game and finished our bacterial pathogen posters in science.  In art class, we created turkeys in disguise (trying to help Thanksgiving turkeys from being eaten).


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