November 10-14

Monday:  In Bible, we had a discussion on the difference between core beliefs and opinions.  We talked about how there are some things you need to believe in Christianity and other things that are opinions and fun to discuss.  I wanted to make sure that as we discuss different topics, the students feel comfortable with the possibility of holding different opinions.  At the beginning of language arts, we split into groups and completed a challenge (creating an origami boat) to see which team won immunity (the team that assembled the boat quickest will win a shorter assignment this week during language arts).  We then put post-it notes where we had questions, made connections, or read something interesting from chapters 1-5.  We brought those markings to our groups to discuss and also went over these questions: Chapters 1-5.  Students discussed their responses to those questions and wrote them down.  For spelling this week, the students chose words from their spelling dictionaries.  In grammar mini, we practiced spelling with a partner.  In Heritage, we played a trench warfare game with paper balls in the outer building.  Lastly, we watched this video to kick off our new unit in science on the immune system and completed workbook page 233.  As it turns out, there are germs on the floor even if we pick up food we dropped within 5 seconds!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible class we completed a worksheet on Bible customs.  BibleCustoms We found out what people at that time ate and if they brushed their teeth.  In language arts, we wrote a detailed paragraph on what we predict will happen next in the book.  Students were required to find evidence from the book to support their prediction.  Most students wrote about half a page.  We shared our predictions aloud and gave feedback on how well we supported our predictions with evidence.  For grammar mini, we quizzed each other on our Island of the Blue Dolphins vocabulary and then played a vocab game as a class.  In Heritage, we got drafted for the war and filled out these draft forms.  We also read an article about the draft and discussed people’s reactions to the draft.  During science we read pages 352-353 and took swabs of places around the school where we thought bacteria might be growing.  We took samples and smeared them on homemade agar solutions: See recipe for homemade agar.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about peace. In language arts, we read chapters 6-8 and worked on parts of speech project and other work when finished.  We worked on our parts of speech project again for grammar mini.  In Heritage, we read in our textbooks through page 60 and played a game of jeopardy that went over into science.  We finished a little early and played outside.

Thursday: We worked on our fruits of the spirit posters in Bible class.  In language arts, we read chapters 9-10 and worked on missing work afterwards.  This afternoon we started making Spanish alphabet flashcards.  We made Venn Diagrams on two battles.  One was comparing/contrasting the battles of Jutland and the Marne.  The other compared/contrasted Verdun and Somme.  For each diagram, the students found 4 differences and 2-3 similarities.  In science we read pages 354-355 and discussed those pages.

Homework: Venn Diagrams are due on Monday, November 17.

Friday: We did honor roll this morning.  Congratulations on those that made honor for the first quarter!  We also received prizes for calendars and wreaths during assembly.  After assembly, we had just enough time to explain curling and meet in prayer groups.  During language arts, we completed pages 6-8 of this packet island_blue_dolphins and took a spelling test.  At the end of language arts, we took time to get our things packed for the end of the day and do our end of the day roles.  After recess, the students went curling for their end-of-the-quarter reward!

These pictures aren’t great, but here are our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for bacterial growth!

1st: Madeline’s swab of a toilet seat in the girls’ bathroom

2nd: Ben’s swab of the door handle on the front entrance

3rd: McKayla’s swab of the cafeteria floor

Bacteria 3









Bacteria 2

Bacteria 1Homework: Venn Diagrams are due on Monday


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