November 3-7

Monday: In Bible class, we created a list of questions we have about God/Christianity.  We want to address those questions and help the students with whatever they’re struggling with in their faith.  In language arts, we continued to work on our parts of speech project.  In the afternoon, we corrected science study guide pages 214-216 (in workbook) and played a short review game.  We also went out to the computers and completed the webquest and additional interactive.

Heritage: Do First-Trench Warfare Webquest: Answer the questions and write 3 journal entries as if you were a soldier in WWI fighting in the trenches.  Talk about the conditions of the trenches and your experiences.

If you finish early—- click this link for an interactive.

WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: Click here for another interactive and write a summary of one video you watched

Tuesday: In Bible we read Why Did God Create Us (two articles from Chritianity Today).  These articles address our first class question “Why did God create us?” We will continue to discuss the topic on Thursday.  In language arts, most students have completed about half the parts of speech project.  We went over some details about the project and continued to work.  We will have about one more class period to work on this in school, and it will be due on Friday.  In the afternoon, we tried to come up with definitions for the made up words “tribioance” and “deforestity” based on what we know about those prefixes, suffixes, and roots from our spelling lists this year.  We also took a science test, read pages 50-52 in Heritage, and watched the following Horrible Histories.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Parts of Speech project is due Friday, along with the Heritage Webquest.

NOTE: Friday is the end of the quarter.  All work MUST be turned in to participate in the end of the quarter reward.

 Wednesday: We have a sub on Wednesday, so here is the game plan.  We have chapel in the morning, followed by the start of a new unit in language arts.  I am aware that students are still working on their parts of speech projects.  We will have more time to finish during grammar minis this week and library.  We will be completing a group activity creating a banner for our team in language arts.  We are starting our first book unit on “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” and the unit is set up in a similar way to the game Survivor.  In the afternoon, we will correct a partner’s word search on their spelling words.  We will be creating a poster on genetics: Genetics Poster.  Finally, we will be reading about the history of bubble gum, answering the questions, and completing the writing activity.

Thursday: In Bible class, we continued to discuss why God created us.  We met in new groups to talk about the discussion questions and then listed our ideas on an anchor chart at the end of class.  In language arts, we worked on making vocabulary flashcards and met in our groups to finish our flags and rules.  In the afternoon, students worked on vocabulary or their parts of speech project during grammar mini.  We continued working on our genetics posters in science, and we read this article in Heritage on the sinking of the Lusitania.  We made a T-Chart of reasons why Germany holds responsibility for the Lusitania sinking and why Britain may also be at fault.

Friday: In Bible, we read this article Kalam Argument.  We discussed it in groups and as a class.  We’re starting to address the next question, “How did it all start?”  In language arts, we took a spelling test that will go towards this quarter’s grade.  We read chapters 1-5 in The Island of the Blue Dolphins and finished vocab flashcards on new words in these chapters.  This afternoon, we continued to read or work on flashcards during grammar mini.  For the rest of the afternoon, we made hardtack and look at other WWI recipes.  While the students were waiting for the hardtack to cook, we worked as spies carrying top secret information about the Schlieffen Plan.  We attempted to disguise information about the plan in the form of a dollar bill that we could put in our wallets and escape with.

Homework: Students need to finish reading chapters 1-5 for Monday and complete vocabulary flashcards.




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