October 27-30

We have a short week.  Conferences are on Thursday, and we have Halloween off.


NOTE: We received very exciting news this morning that our class has been given $500 from the Bemidji Jaycees Adopt-a-Classroom project towards new books and literacy materials.  I have encouraged students to write down suggestions for books they’d like to see in our classroom library.  Parents are also open to making book suggestions!

Assembly went late today, so we had time for prayer groups in Bible before switching to math.  In language arts, we reviewed the 8 parts of speech and went on a grammar hunt for all 8.  We divided our paper into 8 sections and labeled the boxes adjectives, adverbs, interjections, verbs, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions.  Then we took out a book of our choice and read for the remainder of the period and looked for examples of each of those parts of speech in our reading.  The 5th graders were required to find 3 of each part of speech and the 6th graders needed to find 4 of each part of speech.  In Heritage, we are working on the webquest below.  Most students completed 1/2 to 3/4 of the questions.  In science we read to the end of the chapter on the genetics unit and completed science workbook page 213.

Heritage: Do First-Trench Warfare Webquest: Answer the questions and write 3 journal entries as if you were a soldier in WWI fighting in the trenches.  Talk about the conditions of the trenches and your experiences.

If you finish early—- click this link for an interactive.


In Bible, we completed a timeline worksheet and a personal growth reflection.  In language arts, we are starting a project on the 8 parts of speech.  You can find details for the project here.  After explaining the directions and answering questions, most students had time to complete 2-3 pages.  This afternoon, we had 20 minutes to continue working on our parts of speech project during grammar mini.  Afterwards, we went to the library to resume working on the webquest (see link above).  Everyone finished the questions and many people started on the journals.  Remember to look at the “Evaluation” link to see how the journals are graded.  Lastly, we started work on science workbook pages 214-216 which will serve as our study guide for this unit.  Many people finished about 3 pages of the study guide, so we will work on it again tomorrow in class.

Homework: Remember that final projects for the Heritage transportation unit are due tomorrow.  If a student does not come in with a project tomorrow, they will be required to take the test.


We had chapel this morning, and our speaker talked to us about how we can produce the fruits of the spirit.  In language arts, we worked on the parts of speech project.  All the students ended at different places, but the majority have about half of the project done.  Right after music, the students who have chosen to take the Heritage test did so while the rest of the class worked on their language arts project.  Afterwards, we returned to the computer lab to finish working on the webquest.  In science, we completed the study guide.  Lastly, we got the room ready for conferences and filled out a reflection for our parents.


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