September 30-October 3

No school Monday

Tuesday- We took a Bible verse quiz this morning and then read about who wrote the Bible.  In language arts, we covered our last text feature on problem and solution and sorted sentences by complete and incomplete.  In the afternoon we came up with a new vocabulary word, worked on our car designs, and read an article about sleep.  Students will be keeping a sleep journal for the next week or so.  Did you know students this age need approximately 9-10 hours of sleep?  We’re going to find out if we’re getting enough.
Homework: No spelling this week, try to remember what time you went to sleep and about what time you actually fell asleep

Wednesday– Our chapel speaker talked to us today about joy.  We sang some songs and really felt joyful by the time we left!  In language arts we completed a short activity on subject-verb agreement and practiced fact and opinion.  This afternoon, we went around and had the other classes vote on our car diagrams.  Everyone did so well on their projects that they were all winners!  The students presented their automobiles well, and afterwards we talked about some of the things that may have affected the voting (such as color in the diagram and the drawing taking up the whole paper).  We also read about the senses and did a sensitivity experiment.

Thursday- Today was Sharon’s last day until May.  We will miss her!  In Bible, we worked on a worksheet and practiced finding evidence from the text to support our answers.  In language arts, we completed an exercise on subject-verb agreement, did a couple quick practice activities on persuasive text, and engaged in the ultimate persuasion challenge: trying to convince someone to buy a product we don’t like!  In the afternoon, we did an assembly line simulation and reflected on that experience.  We also read to the end of the chapter in science and started on page 230 of our science workbooks.

Friday– Students worked on a science study guide today and there will be an exam on Monday.

Homework: Please study for science exam- use your book and your study guide


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