September 22-26

Monday: In Bible, we read Colossians, marked places to discuss, and met in groups to talk about our findings.  We’re at the end of the unit and will most likely take an in class exam on Thursday this week.  In language arts, we talked about cause and effect and dissected sentences to isolate the cause from the effect.  Students were given a new spelling list.  We are working on list 6: #22-31 and bonus word #32.  5th graders were given the option of taking a modified list. This afternoon, we met with a partner to take a pretest and complete a spelling activity.  Pretests can go home to help students focus in on the words they need to study this week.  For science, we read pages 330-331 and created a neuron.

Homework: Some students need to finish creating their neuron (can be made with different string).  Spelling homework is due Wednesday and spelling test on Friday

Tuesday: In Bible, we met in small groups to pray and copied our memory verses (Colossians 3:12-14).  In language arts, we read an article and found evidence of cause and effect.  We then found cause and effect sentences in our independent reading.  This afternoon, we worked on two new vocabulary words (vex and futile), learned about horseless carriages, and played synaptic tag to review how neurotransmitters move from the axon to dendrites.

Homework: Cause and Effect worksheet is due on Thursday, Bible verse quiz next Tuesday, Sept 30th on Col. 3:12-14

NOTE: Information about logging into online grades has been sent out through email, and I will send students home with a hard copy tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us today about producing the fruits of the spirit and sanctification.  It takes some time to become better at being loving, kind, patient, etc.  After chapel we worked on Venn Diagrams in language arts.  Our grammar mini was on writing hamburger paragraphs, and we watched the following video on steam engines.  Hopefully by the end of today, students have a better understanding of how a steam engine works.  Lastly, we took a quiz on neurons in science and made a Venn Diagram on the autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous system (page 332).

Homework: Spelling homework has been pushed back to Thursday.  Some students will need to finish their Venn Diagram and hamburger paragraph for tomorrow

Thursday: We practiced our memory verse in Bible class today.  We also talked about how we can prepare and anticipate what subject will be next so we’re able to start working right away.  In language arts, we talked about subject-verb agreement and filled out a Venn Diagram from an article we read.  In Heritage, we met in a “mechanic” partner group to create a 1903 automobile design.  In science, we worked on a reaction time experiment.  Both projects will be finished tomorrow and are not homework.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

LIBRARY LINKS– Click on the blue links below to read about the earliest automobiles.  You will use this information to design a car in Heritage.

PICTURES OF EARLY AUTOMOBILES (Look for special features you want to include in your car design)




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