September 15-19

Monday: We veered from our planned Bible lesson to make cards for Grandpa.  In language arts, we are starting a unit on reading informational text.  We’re learning how to use text features to gain more from the text than just reading straight through.  Today we worked on how headings in an article relate to the title.  Some students really struggled with this so we will continue working on this skill tomorrow.  For Heritage, we read about the international date line and practiced figuring out the time in different time zones.  The students have a challenge question to think about: Is it possible for Santa to go around the world in one night?  Take the international date line and time zones into consideration.  Students read pages 326-329 independently for science and completed workbook page 218.  These pages will set us up for tomorrow’s activity of creating a brain hat!

Spelling List: List 6 #12-21, bonus word is acceptance

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  Some students need to finish their worksheets on time zones and science workbook page 218.  This will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday: In Bible we talked about the messages we receive in the world and how we need to focus on Christ and not be led astray by worldly messages.  We reviewed how to connect headings in informational text back to the title and worked on gathering information from captions and other graphic aides.  This afternoon, we went to the computer lab to work on Heritage games (expect a Heritage test this Friday).  We also created brain hats and labeled the sections of our brain.image

Heritage Games!

CLICK HERE TO HELP HANNAH– write down your score on a sheet of paper

REVIEW (hemispheres and maps)



Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  If you did not write down 5 facts from captions, that is due tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about love today.  He challenged us to replace love with your name in 1 Cor. 13:4-6 (Ex. Mrs. Hicks is patient.  Mrs. Hicks is kind).  If we can’t say that about ourselves, we may need to work on a few things.  In language arts, we practiced using the glossary to gain information.  This is a text feature we tend to avoid, but it is essential when learning new vocabulary.  In the afternoon, our grammar mini was on expanding our sentences.  We need to work very hard to eliminate sentence fragments from our writing.  We also made an ad for a certain part of the brain and filled out a study guide for unit 1: Maps and Globes.

Homework: There will be a Heritage exam over unit 1 on Friday

Thursday: We read Colossians 3 and filled out missing words from the chapter.  In language arts we rewrote a message in text language and looked at one way informational texts are organized, which is chronological order.  This afternoon, we played a Heritage study game (the boys won by a single point), and we finished working on our brain advertisements.


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