September 15-19

Monday: Students were given their first spelling list practicing the spelling rule of “i before e.”  Don’t forget the exceptions!  We went over spelling homework.  Students choose how they want to practice their spelling words with 20 points of activities, and spelling homework is due at the end of the day Wednesday.  Remember that this is homework.  We have so much we need to cover this year in language arts that we need to do a little at home.  For our independent work, students found 5 sentences in their reading today with capitalized words.  Under each sentences, they wrote down why they think those letters were capitalized.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  5 sentences written in your word work section are due tomorrow

Tuesday: We brainstormed reading rituals and what will work best for us to get into reading in the classroom and at home.  Students spent time in silent reading and were given an entrance ticket for class tomorrow.  Students are to read at least 10 minutes outside of class and jot down which reading rituals they actually did.

Homework: Entrance ticket is needed for tomorrow’s class

Wednesday: We took notes on ways how our thinking voice influences our reading stamina.  We want to have a conversational voice when reading, and we practiced that in small groups and individually today.

Homework: 3 thoughts from our reading are due tomorrow

Thursday: Students rewrote a message in text language to formal writing.  We talked about sentence expanding and reviewed the expectations of independent work time.  Students had in class time to write their weekly letter and silent read.

Homework: Weekly letters are due tomorrow


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