September 8-12

Monday– We started our Bible curriculum and started studying the setting of the book of Colossians.  We’re gathering some of the background information we’ll need in order to understand the book better.  For language arts, we looked at a slideshow of different genres and met in groups to sort books into genres.  We also went over spelling homework and had a little time in the afternoon to start working on it.  This afternoon, we attempted to fatten an orange to illustrate the difficulties for cartographers when they try to make a 2D map of a 3 dimensional globe.  In science, we had just a little time to hold a scientific convention and decide on the properties of Oobleck as a class.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  There will be a spelling test on Friday.

Tuesday– In Bible we finished working on our worksheet going over Colossians.  In language arts, we met in groups to determine the genre of book excerpts.  This afternoon we worked on vocab and learned the word “guffaw” for our grammar mini.  We also worked with atlases and mercator projections.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, map worksheet if not finished in class

Wednesday– Our chapel speaker gave the students homework to go outside and spend 10 minutes of quiet time with God.  After chapel, we played genre bingo and were assigned two different genres to write a story about.  In the afternoon we talked about how adjectives in a list have an order from things that are easiest to change to more difficult to change (think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  We created a space craft in science that is able to land in an ocean of Oobleck.  In Heritage we talked about latitude and longitude.  Think latitude “flatitude” for the lines that go east and west.
Homework: Spend 10 minutes of quiet time with God tonight for Bible points

Thursday– We examined Paul’s conversion and how he changed in Bible.  In language arts we met in expert groups to study a particular genre so we can teach what we learned to another group tomorrow.  We reviewed our space craft designs and revised them in science.  We also revealed that Oobleck is made of corn starch and water (with a little green food coloring).  Try mixing Oobleck at home (remember to use more corn starch than water)!  Lastly, we played Battleship longitude and latitude in Heritage.  Students became familiar with giving longitude/latitude coordinates and locating them on a map.

Homework: Spelling test is tomorrow.  Please remember to review your words!

Friday- We discussed the difference between worldly riches and riches in Christ in Bible and prayed in small groups.  In language arts we met in groups to share what we learned yesterday.  Students also took their first spelling test!  In the afternoon, we worked on handwriting for our grammar mini, took notes in Heritage, and previewed our new science unit by reading about the brain and filling out response questions.

Homework: Map and Globes booklet is due Monday


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