September 8-12

Monday- Students organized two notebooks, one for reader’s workshop and one for writer’s workshop.  We completed a short word work activity and filled out a reading inventory.  I took a small group to talk through their reading inventory.

Homework: Some students need to complete their reading inventory and turn it in tomorrow.  If you have a book you would like to read from home, please bring it in for tomorrow’s class.

Tuesday– We practiced finding a “just right” book by using the 5 finger rule.  It is very important for students to pick a book they’re interested in and is at their reading level, or slightly challenging.

Wednesday– We took notes on abandoning books, set reading goals for this quarter and started our “just right” book.

Thursday– We added a couple capitalization rules during word work.  We talked about a weekly reader’s letter that will be due every Friday.  The students glued the letter requirements into their notebooks to refer back to later and viewed a sample letter.

Friday– We continued talking about our weekly reader’s letter.  Students used work time to read their books and start on their weekly letter.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO BRING THEIR BOOK TO CLASS.

Homework: Weekly letter is due on Monday (requirements are pasted into reader’s notebook)


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